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Shipping Container Classrooms

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The humble shipping container: a dull metal rectangle whose only purpose is storage; a vital but thoroughly uninspiring part of the shipping and logistics industry. Right?

Wrong. On the surface, shipping containers may not appear very exciting, but you’ll be amazed by the potential of these little cubes of real estate.

Shipping containers are strong, robust and versatile. With a little creative imagination and some innovative bespoke features, they can be successfully converted to suit almost any purpose.

With a bit of TLC, these small, tough constructions make ideal shelters, homes, site offices, holiday chalets, canteens, laboratories, studios and more.

Converted containers are flexible, portable and customisable. They can be easily relocated and re-fitted for new uses with minimal effort and expense, making them one of the most adaptable building solutions available.

Child’s play: Converted containers make great school buildings

Their inherent versatility means ex-shipping containers make ideal on-site buildings for expanding schools. The low cost of buying and converting containers makes them a much more viable option than building from scratch.

Cladding in a variety of materials and finishes can revamp the lowly shipping container into an exciting, fun and stimulating space. Windows and doors can be cut into the container’s walls to create easy access and natural light, and, using a variety of techniques and materials, you can design unique modern buildings that complement the architecture of the rest of the site.

Inside, further cladding and acoustic sound insulation from reputable suppliers is fitted and a range of fitted features including tables, chairs and blackboards transform a hollow space into an inspiring learning environment. Fitted lining, heating, lights and electrics turn the container into a comfortable, habitable space.

Converted containers make excellent classrooms, but there are other school applications for which they are ideal. Transform them into art studios, music rooms, science labs, nature hides and storage rooms for sports equipment.

Encourage kids to get creative by letting them paint murals on the external and internal surfaces – in no time at all the boring walls of the shipping container will become wonderful multicoloured frescoes for all to enjoy.

A good conversion will allow you to make the most of the container’s space. A glass frontage will provide a stunning open effect, letting in lots of natural light that is great for growing kids. Partition walls can be created in any configuration, splitting up the container into workable areas. Shelving and storage can be built in to maximise space.

For larger spaces, multiple containers can be joined together to form a modular environment that can be moved around and split apart as required.

Converted containers can be made completely secure, with in-built alarm systems, locking doors and double glazed glass. They are weatherproofed, insulated and meet the latest safety regulations.

Most importantly, converted containers provide bespoke solutions to your specific needs, allowing you to input creatively throughout the entire conversion process to ensure you get the results you want. Almost anything is possible with a shipping container conversion – the only limit is your imagination!